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Our specialists possess extensive experience providing quality services to companies around the world.

Company Profile

Autus (AW tus) n. (From Latin) meaning increase, growth.

AUTUS® Corporation is a privately owned company based in Houston, Texas. We specialize in preparing organizations for certification of their quality system(s) based on internationally recognized standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, API RP 19B, API Q1, and API Q2.

We were founded on the premise that your company will be more profitable when implementing quality principles, concepts, and techniques that are customer focused, practical, and effective.

We also offer quality system audits, in-house customized quality assurance and quality control services, quality related training, and more.

AUTUS Corporation renders consulting services both internationally and domestically. Our specialists possess extensive experience providing quality services to companies around the world, including Russia and Eastern Europe.

(After years of success and industry presence, as of March 9, 1998, the former company name QUATECH was changed to AUTUS Corporation. We believe that this new and unique name will better portray our philosophy.)

AUTUS Philosophy

Our services are based on our extensive knowledge and experience.

We develop your quality program with continuous improvement in mind.

We take a responsive and cost effective approach to facilitate the implementation of a quality system.

Our systems are customized to meet or exceed specific client needs and applicable requirements.

We ensure that your quality system is designed to simplify its maintenance, as well as the auditing process for both the auditee and auditor.

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AUTUS Guarantee

We are experts in our field. We guarantee our services and stand behind the results of our work.

AUTUS guarantees that if all recommendations and requirements stated in the documentation and pertinent reports prepared by us are addressed/fulfilled by your company, your quality system will satisfy the requirements of the applicable standard or specification and will result in awarding your quality system the relevant certification.

Mission Statement

To assist clients in providing increased customer satisfaction by:

performing services, utilizing quality principles, concepts, and technologies, assist customers to the fullest on their way toward established quality goals.

facilitating continuous improvement principles, help clients achieve the most economical and effective quality leadership in their fields.


Providing quality products and services is the key to continued success in your business.

Quality Policy

To provide services that meet or exceed our client's requirements and expectations.

To continuously strive to achieve and sustain a reputation for providing quality services at a competitive and cost effective price.

To perform the services which ensure our efforts result in a profitable outcome for our clients.

AUTUS Principal

Tad K. Pilinski

During more than 30 years of his professional career, Tad Pilinski has been extensively involved and responsible for quality matters worldwide.He is an accomplished multilingual international management consultant with expertise in recognizing customer vision, developing strategy, and executing tactical action plans as well as meeting and exceeding client expectations.

His professional experience encompasses: Consulting, Manufacturing, Design, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, and Corporate Management. He is an expert in internationally recognized quality standards with hands-on experience preparing companies for certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AS9100, OHSAS 18001, API RP 19B, API Q1, and ASME. He has also managed the preparation toward successful ISO 9000 certification and API licensing of more than fifteen US and Russian manufacturers and performed multiple quality system audits in the US, Trinidad, Russia, Ukraine, and Poland.

He has conducted many presentations, classes and seminars, and actively participated in the international conferences pertinent to quality systems and management in the USA, Russia, and Poland. His relevant certifications include: Quality Management Systems Lead Auditor, Certificate No. 02952 by the Registrar Accreditation Board, USA; Accredited Test Facility Assessor, by the American Welding Society; Qualified as APIQR Certified Lead Auditor, by the American Petroleum Institute; Qualified as an Auditor by QCB, Canada.

Tad Pilinski has been continuously involved with development, implementation, and audits of Quality Management Systems and has been extensively exposed to the Russian market. In 1997, Mr. Pilinski was the primary contractor to the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of the Russian Federation, and completed a project funded with a loan received by the Russian government from the World Bank to implement the Russian Oil Rehabilitation Project. As a result, three Russian manufacturers were granted ISO 9001 and API certificates. Since 2003, he has also been involved in the implementation of quality management systems for US government projects.

Mr. Pilinski directed development and implementation of integrated management systems in the US, South America, and Eastern Europe, including Poland and Russia. He utilizes cross-functional and inter-disciplinary skills in a variety of industry sectors, including metalworking, chemical processing, automotive, government and oil and gas. He is an excellent communicator, trainer, and a team player that works efficiently with a variety of environments and cultures. He is results-driven and a bottom-line minded facilitator of value-added services.

Tad K. Pilinski

Ron W. Robertson

Senior Consultant

Ron W. Robertson
Retired from active services at the beginning of 2011

Throughout his more than 30-year career Mr. Robertson has been known as an expert in the fields of quality assurance/control management and international standards implementation, conducting facility audits and assisting organizations with the implementation of Quality Programs to ISO 9001:2000, API Spec Q1, AS9100 and ISO/IEC 17025. He is a competent and accomplished auditor/quality system developer for several internationally recognized quality systems based on API and ISO standards.

He’s spent more than 20 years within such reputable international organizations as American Petroleum Institute and Det Norske Veritas working as developer of internal quality staff training programs senior, surveyor and being appointed as DnV / API Liaison for the development of new auditable standards. His experience includes the specialization in products from API 5 (OCTG, Line and Drill Pipe), 6 (Wellhead & Pipeline equipment), 7, 8, 16, and 17 series API specifications. He was appointed Chairman of the API Reference Standards Sub-Committees for both API Committees 6 and 16.

Not only does he have extensive experience in the above-mentioned fields, but also is an accomplished graduate of the Spartan School of Aeronautics with experience in quality control for aircraft inspections, overhauls, and production lines as well as inspections for the disassembly and re-assembly of aircraft using Military Standards working with government DECAS inspectors. Also included in his aviation industry experience, he has worked for various companies as Charter Pilot, Instructor Pilot, Transportation Manager, and Engineering Technician within different areas of the industry having flown and managed multiple types of aircraft.

Having experience with North American, South American, and European organizations, he’s participated in API and ISO Committee work as: Member SC18 (API Spec Q1), Member ISO TC 67, WG 2 (ISO TS 29001), Chairman C4/SC18 WG on 6A Surveyability, Chairman C4/SC18 WG on Definitions API Q1/TS 29001, Member C4/SC18 on Field Nonconformance Reporting, Member SC6D (Pipeline Valves).


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